Business Agent: Renáta Herbály
E-mail: renata.herbaly@herbyart.com
Location: London, United Kingdom


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Brand Representation / Translating

I had the chance as a teenager to pick up English easily, helped by a year abroad in an American elementary school. Therefore, I would like to say thanks to my lovely parents, Ildiko Herbalyne Szalanczy and Laszlo Herbaly and of course the family who took me in for a whole year whole-heartedly in America, Eva Ovari, Pisti Szekely, and my friend, Andrea Szekely and her brother, Gabor. This opportunity helped a lot in my development in many aspects. I would strongly recommend to families, students or just about anyone to take the opportunity to live in a different country and learn about their culture, lifestyle and language. You only have to get through the first 3 months and the homesickness will slowly reduce over time; I hardly wanted to come back to Hungary and I was only 12 years old at the time. The language, independence, spirit and courage that you will receive from this will follow you and help you throughout your whole life. The best way to learn a language is by living in a country and being immersed in it. This experience freed me up and I now speak and write fluently and with confidence in English. Hence, I would like to suggest to everyone to go and live in another country even if it only for 3 months or a summer vacation, to sign up for an intense language course, and maybe even find a basic job on the side to gain experience and help with expenses.

Over the years I managed to write a great number of letters, be part of conferences, appointments and friendly conversations and translate them from Hungarian to English and vice-versa. Since I have been living in England I learnt how to write a Cover Letter or a Curriculum Vitae, so if you would like assistance with this or are in need of a translator for an appointment or for a letter, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will help you to the best of my abilities.
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